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It’s a fact that if you service your boiler regularly, you will benefit in more ways than one. At Plymstock Plumbing And Heating, we provide comprehensive boiler breakdown services and maintenance in Plymouth and throughout Devon. Prolong the life of your boiler and prevent the need for costly repairs or a new installation in the future. In case of emergency, we are also able to prepare full boiler repairs or replacements.

Your Boiler’s MOT

Boiler breakdowns are an expensive business, so regular maintenance is an easy way to save money in the long run. Ideally during the warmer months, when you’re not using it, your boiler will benefit from a check-up by our experienced service engineers. Some like to compare this service to a car MOT, as this service helps to minimise common problems that might otherwise go unchecked, such as carbon monoxide leakage and gas wastage.

Full Servicing

For just £45.00 plus VAT, we will check your gas boiler, controls, and components. Checking all the vital parts, such as the heat exchanger, ignition, and boiler seal, we perform a full visual and physical inspection of your boiler. Furthermore, we use specialist equipment to measure for pollutants and adjust your burners for optimal combustion and gas consumption. This also enables us to identify dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Boiler Service Plus

With our special Plus service, we carry out all the components of a regular boiler service, plus:

  • Check Radiators Are Heating Up Properly

  • Check Radiator Valves

  • Balance Most Small or Regular-Sized Systems

  • Bleed Radiators

  • Provide a My-Plumber Radiator Key for Your Convenience

Boiler Repairs

Most people don’t notice that their boiler until it has a problem. On balance, we often expect it to continually provide us with heating and hot water, and only notice when it doesn’t. When a fault does occur, we offer emergency repairs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plymstock Plumbing And Heating are on hand to provide a solution as quickly as possible, saving you valuable time and money.

Always Hire a Professional

It is important that you never try to repair your boiler yourself. Instead, count on a qualified, Gas Safe Registered company like ours to deliver repairs of the highest standard. Based in Plymouth, our boiler technicians also serve Torquay, Tavistock, and Bodmin, and are happy to give you a quote on any work required.

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

According to clinical toxicologist Professor John Henry, carbon monoxide poisoning is often unrecognised and under-diagnosed. Carbon monoxide is emitted by gas appliances that have either been incorrectly installed or poorly serviced. Figures vary, but some claim that carbon monoxide kills up to 50 people a year. That’s why it is vital to ensure that your boiler is burning gas correctly.

Tell-Tale Signs of Boiler Problems

It may help you to make the following regular checks in order to ensure your boiler is in full working order.

Check Water Levels On Your Boiler

If water levels fall below the adequate levels required for full function, you will be able to top it up before it becomes a problem.

Check Temperature and Pressure

When the temperature or pressure drop or undergo any other kind of drastic change, contact us and we will send out a boiler engineer to resolve the problem.

Refer to the Manufacturer’s Handbook

Always check the manufacturer’s handbook for your boiler to see what checks should be carried out regularly. It is also useful to keep this handy for engineers to refer to if we come out to work on your boiler.

Common Boiler Faults

There are a number of common faults that may cause your boiler to stop working, Get in touch if you identify any of these problems and we'll come to your property to help out.

No Heat or Hot Water

This is one of the most common problems requiring boiler repair in Plymouth. There are a variety of potential causes, including pilot light problems, diaphragm faults, or valve failure. Other issues could be a broken link in the system or a low setting on your thermostat.

Boiler Leaks

Over time, you will need to replace worn seals, which will reduce the pressure and inevitably prevent heat and hot water from being produced.

Banging Noises

Sometimes, your boiler might make banging noises. These are often caused by sludge passing through but could also be due to air in the system or low water pressure.

Losing Pressure

When your boiler loses pressure, it’s usually due to a leak in your system, caused by either a cracked pipe or a faulty valve.

Thermostat Problems

Thermostats control and regulate the heat your boiler produces. Over time, they may become inaccurate, causing the boiler to come on at random times causing an increase in your heating bill.

Radiators Aren’t Hot Enough

Depending on the source of the problem, this is usually an easy fix. The most common cause is air in the system, which is simply released using a bleed key. In other cases, a new valve may be required, or perhaps a power flush to remove the dirty water that’s clogging your heating system.

Contact our boiler repair specialists to discuss our boiler breakdown services and other issues in Plymouth and Devon.

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